Consulting Positions is a business consulting agency offering top-notch recruitment and placement services.

As one of the best recruitment agencies available in the global market, Consulting Positions aims to identify top consultants, and match them with the best job opportunities within the international arena.

Our goal as a consulting business is to help you recruit top contractors, specializing in operational performance, strategy and functional IT consulting. We also place interim managers, financial advisers, investment bankers, and plant / production / maintenance managers all over the world.

Meet our team

Gratiela Zaharescu
Gratiela Zaharescu Invoicing/Accounting and Database Management
Lina Fe Simoy
Lina Fe Simoy Executive Recruiter - N.America +1 (561) 623-9608
Dennise Recuerdo
Dennise Recuerdo Executive Recruiter - N.America +1 (561) 623-9608
Carlota Navarro
Carlota Navarro Consulting Positions Associate (Madrid) +34 626 737 825
Rosemarie D'Sa
Rosemarie D'Sa Quality Control +33 9 70 46 70 59
Lea Balona
Lea Balona Executive Search Assistant - Europe +33 9 70 46 70 59
Ecaterina Bercu
Ecaterina Bercu Executive Recruiter +40 742 572 764
Manuela Buciuman
Manuela Buciuman Search Assistant
Oana Bobos
Oana Bobos Research (Europe) and Administrative Tasks