Recruitment with Consulting Positions ?

Consulting Positions is a leading executive recruitment firm that works globally within Management Consultancy, Oil & Gas and Interim Management Services.

Our clients work across many industries, including, but not limited to, leading operational consulting firms, strategy houses, professional service companies, large and small management consultancies and internal consulting departments within larger Fortune 500 companies.

Consulting Positions is organized around a multi-sector, multi-disciplinary matrix. We strive to efficiently seek and provide the best experts for your permanent and freelance vacancies by specializing in management consulting profiles at the international level.

We recruit at all levels, from fresh graduate to senior partner and executive board level for both permanent and interim candidates. We also boast exclusive access to many of the world’s leading management consultancies and multi-nationals therefore positioning us to soundly advise individuals looking for a career move.

Operational Excellence

Our executive team is made up of experienced former management consultants who previously specialized in Operational Excellence. Together, we form a collective resume inclusive of work with Alexander Proudfoot, The Highland Group, Maine Pointe, IMPAC, IMR, System 21, EPI etc.

We boast of a large database of Performance Improvement Consultants in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and beyond.

Consulting Positions is prepared to provide expertise in:

  • Performance/Productivity
  • Improvement
  • Operational Excellence
  • Developing Analysis/Assessment (Supply chain analysis)
  • Designing data and documentation
  • Process Mapping
  • Design/Implementation
  • Management/Supervision Systems
  • Management Development
  • Organization Development
  • Change/Migration Project Management
  • Cost Reduction/Avoidance
  • Cycle Time Reduction
  • Continuous Improvement Processes.

Our clients are always on the hunt for Performance Improvement specialists and organizational development specialists. Engagements staffed by Consulting Positions cover many industries, locations, countries and business environments.

Consulting Positions personnel have assisted client management in attaining their objectives in industries as diverse as mining, oil & gas, banks, insurance companies, industrial companies and public sectors. Undertaking tasks globally allows our consultant base to additionally satisfy the language and cultural demands of international project work.

Strategy, Finance and Organisational Management

Consulting Solutions commands a diverse knowledge and complex understanding of the Management Consulting Industry. With our worldwide reach and comprehensive understanding of cultural and industrial diversity, we know how to cater to every employer, in every market. We have cultivated deep connections with other global consulting organizations to ensure that we are equipped in all fields of consulting, including strategy, process and technology. As leading corporate consultants, our culture is very hands-on, ensuring that we understand the complex needs and requirements of the consulting industry.

We are one of the few global recruitment organizations in the industry to recruit for a number of leading strategy firms, financial boutiques, professional services organizations and internal consulting teams within multinational organizations.

The demand for a constant stream of recruitment means that we are equipped with a very detailed mapping of top-tier strategy house consultants worldwide. We know how to reach current and former consultants with recognized firms (Mc Kinsey, BCG, Bain etc.) based all over the globe and how to reach them quickly.

Functional Information Technology

We operate across all industry sectors with a specialty in technology recruitment agency services. We focus on recruitment through Enterprise Applications (EA), Enterprise Applications (EA) - SAP, Oracle and other ERPs.

Consulting Positions has a dedicated team of consultants and contractors that focus solely on Enterprise Applications (EA) across Europe. We currently work with several of the major SAP Partners.

We strive to provide recruitment for the duration of each project, beginning with EA subject matter and business process experts for the scoping/blueprint stages, through to configuration and ending with post-support and training. We have successfully placed SAP, Oracle and other ERP consultants, project managers, change managers, functional consultants, technical consultants and test consultants in both interim and permanent positions.

Management Positions

Consulting Positions has Industrial Recruiters in Europe, the USA, Australia and China.

Our team successfully and smoothly facilitates many interim executive engagements annually. Our work encompasses a wide variety of functions and levels. Recently, for example, we recruited and placed professionals in Thailand, the USA and China, in the production, manufacturing and maintenance sectors. Our core business model is to assist our clients in the successful recruitment of qualified individuals, perhaps outside their current market or country. Our cross-border capabilities are what make us one of the top recruitment agencies for management positions.

Internal Consultants

Consulting Positions is a first-class recruitment organization that focuses on placing internal consultants in industrial firms and service companies around the world. We bring experience and knowledge to the table, with an excellent track record working on both contingency and search mandates on a permanent and interim/contract/temporary basis.

Our clients include blue chip companies, international banks, insurance moguls and more. We also pride ourselves in providing tailored, one-on-one services to small and medium sized businesses.

Mining Positions

While we provide some specialized mining recruitment services in Europe (mainly in Eastern Europe), our Melbourne office is dedicated to staffing the mining industry in Australia. Our expertise lies in recruiting migrant workers with mining expertise in order to place them in the Australian Mining Industry.

Investment Bankers

While our core business remains the recruitment of qualified consultants in the technology, mining and service industries, we have transitioned over the years to respond to client requests for financial industry recruitment, specifically for business analysts, investment banking consultants, operations consultants and internal consultants.

With our clients’ needs in mind, we strive to recruit the highest quality of financial professionals for placement. These high-level advisers are attractive within the financial industry because of their ability and willingness to work hard, entering into a highly competitive and saturated market.

We are able to deliver top candidates to the financial industry because we pull directly from a detailed map of consultants from top tier consulting firms.