Who we are

Consulting Positions is a business consulting agency offering top-notch recruitment and placement services.

As one of the best recruitment agencies available in the global market, Consulting Positions aims to identify top consultants, and match them with the best job opportunities within the international arena.

Our goal as a consulting business is to help you recruit top contractors, specializing in operational performance, strategy and functional IT consulting. We also place interim managers, financial advisers, investment bankers, and plant / production / maintenance managers all over the world.

Consulting Positions spans America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region, creating a truly global network of international consultants.

Born in France, Franck Janet founded Consulting Positions in 2005. A true citizen of the world, Franck has called the US home since 1989, though he frequently travels between Miami, Melbourne, Singapore and France.

Global Recruitment

As a top recruitment agency, our business is to help you find the right people, for the right jobs.

With a connection to every international market, we are able to scour the globe for the best consulting candidates. As former management consultants ourselves, we recognize the key players in every market, allowing us to cultivate innovative and informed solutions when it comes to your business needs.

With a sophisticated profiling system, our international recruitment agency strives to match the best business consulting firms with the right management consultants for the job.

We ensure mutual satisfaction by providing tailored solutions to meet the distinct needs of our clients.

With our global experience and expertise we attract top consulting talent from all over the world.

Our Strengths

Finding the people you need, whenever and wherever you need them.

Consulting Positions couples the reactivity of a small firm with the network of a large organization, allowing us to compete as one of the top recruitment agencies.

As smaller firms often suffer from limited reach and the complications of operating within the boundaries of their own country, Consulting Positions has eliminated this issue by expanding their reach to include major cities in multiple continents. We have base operations in:

  • AMERICA: Miami
  • EMEA: Brussels, Madrid, France (Metz), Luxembourg, Romania
  • ASIA PACIFIC: Hong Kong, Mumbai, Melbourne, Philippines, Singapore

Within our global network of the best consultants, we are capable of securing you qualified contractors, in a matter of days.